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Intelligent Management Platform for No.3 Blast Furnace of Changjiang Steel Developed by MCC Huatian Put into Operation
SOURCE: AUTHOR:MA Yinchen DATE:13 February 2023
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Recently, the intelligent management platform for the No. 3 BF of Changjiang Steel, one of the technology application project of the 3rd batch of the "Development of Intelligent Composite Blast Process and Core Equipment for Deep Carbon Reduction in Blast Furnace,"of the "181 Plan" of MCC, which was undertaken by MCC Huatian, was put into operation. The platform was highly considered by the client and contributed to the signing of technology and research collaboration agreement  in a wider range of technology applications for No. 2 BF of Changjiang Steel.

This project is the only key R&D project in iron-making arena of MCC undertaken by  MCC Huatian at present. One of the sub-subject of the project is the development and application of an intelligent management platform for iron making. In September 2022, the project team actively promoted the development of intelligent metallurgy technology for the whole process of iron and steel and its application, and spent a long time stationed at project site to ensure the research and development schedule.

The "intelligent management platform for No. 3 BF of Changjiang Steel" aims to facilitate production operations, improve production reliability, optimize process operation parameters, and reduce production costs. It is based on process principles and expert rules and supplemented by data mining and intelligent algorithms. The process model is established from the perspectives of visualization, safety visualization, and intelligent combustion of the hot blast furnace so that the operation and safety status of each system can be assessed, diagnosed, warned, and decided intuitively, and the accurate correlation between process operation parameters and production quality indicators of the blast furnace can be realized through time and space conversion, providing support for the stable operation and safe and long life of the blast furnace.

At present, the platform has completed collection and storage of the main data in the big data platform as well as the commissioning and operation of the process modules such as the dynamic tracking of the materials, temperature and thermal load of the cooling staves, and leakage detection of the tuyere and tuyere holder. The system is in smooth running and can effectively solve traditional problems such as difficulties in accessing BF data and status, and reliance on experience in BF operation. The platform contains 16 functional modules and 48 functional interfaces and establishes a data governance and interlocking rules for the entire iron-making process, realizing intelligent analysis from "experience" to "numbers."

The project team will take advantages of the joint research and development of the EPC project for the No. 3 BF and the No. 2 BF and continue to work on algorithm optimization, furnace condition diagnosis, and other requirements raised by the client to ensure the smooth operation of the system at Changjiang Steel. 
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