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HUATIAN Engineering & Technology Corporation, MCC, is the backbone enterprise under China Minmetals Corporation (CMC for short) and Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd. (MCC for short), fortune 500 enterprises. It is the solution provider with scientific R&D and engineering design as its locomotive for urban and industry development system, and full life cycle integrated service provider starting from investment (financing), project consulting, project planning, engineering design, and construction to operation. Predecessors of HUATIAN are Mananshan Iron & Steel Design and Research Institute founded in 1962 under the former Ministry of Metallurgical Industry and Baotou Engineering and Research Corporation of Iron and Steel Industry under the former Ministry of Metallurgical Industry.

During its development in the past several decades, HUATIAN has acquired a dozen of qualifications, including engineering design integrated qualification Class A (which is the highest level of engineering design qualification in China), Class A environment impact assessment qualification for construction projects, Class A project budget consulting qualification, project supervision integrated qualification, Grade Ⅰ qualification for construction general contracting, Class A project consulting qualification, Level Ⅰ qualification for operation capability evaluation of pollution control facilities (industrial wastewater and domestic sewage), and special equipment (pressure pipelines) design license. HUATIAN has also passed the certification of QEHS management systems. HUATIAN now has a total number of 2500 employees, about 2000 of which are engineers of various technological disciplines, including 13.2% professorial senior engineers and 35.6% senior engineers; more than 100 of them have acquired doctor degree and over 800 of them master degrees.  Over 60 of the employees are provincial level engineering survey and design masters, the top technological experts within MCC, and high level experts of various disciplines; 40 odd of them enjoy special government allowance from the State Council and provincial government; more than 580 of the employees have acquired licenses in various fields.

While finding its position under the strategic positioning of “National Team of metallurgical construction, Main Force of capital construction and Pace Maker of new rising industry, insisting on taking the road of high-tech construction in the long term” of MCC Group, HUATIAN devotes itself to providing high-tech and smarter management services for its clients, developing operation services featuring steady cash flow and promoting vigorously rational proportioning and fast development of iron & steel engineering, environmental protection and energy conservation, housing and public utilities, project consulting, health and senior care industry. HUATIAN is among the first tier in CMC and MCC, national team of metallurgical construction in bar and section engineering technology; many research and development results of the company are considered to have reached worldclass level. HUATIAN has unique technological edges in large enclosed stock-yard, extra-large sintering machine and smarter control technology, long campaign life and diagnosis technology for BF, smart steel-making and ferro alloy smelting. The company is well-known for its unique industry integration ability involving technical know-how, high end talent, key equipment manufacturing, project construction, operation service provision and capital operation in waste water/sewage treatment, precise diagnosis and integrated control and operation of pipeline gallery, stinky water treatment and river/lake regulation, soil improvement and ecological restoration, solid waste and hazardous waste treatment, air pollution control, waste heat recovery and utilization, heat supply in urban areas, urban fine drinking water engineering, combined cycle power plant, solar photovoltaic power generation, etc.

HUATIAN is national high-tech enterprise. It has established till now 7 technology research institutes (MCC HUATIAN Iron & Steel Metallurgy Research Institute, MCC HUATIAN Energy Conservation & Environment Protection Research Institute, MCC Water Environment Technology Research Institute, MCC HUATIAN Internet + Research Institute, MCC HUATIAN Health & Senior Care Industry Research Institute, Smart City Technology Research Technology, and Urban Green Heat Supply Technology Research Institute), 8 engineering design divisions or companies (Iron & Steel Engineering Research Institute, Industrial Environment Protection & Energy Conservation Company, Urban Heat Supply Engineering Division, Urban Fine Drinking Water Engineering Division, Smart City Engineering Division, Urban Building Engineering Research Institute <Urban Landscaping & Beautiful Countryside Engineering Division>, Municipal Engineering Institute <Comprehensive Pipe Gallery Engineering Division>, Nanjing Electrical Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd.),  1 international consulting company and 1 water treatment operation service company. HUATIAN is also home to Anhui Provincial Metallurgical & Paper-making Wastewater Treatment Technology Research Center, China Mechanical Industry Wastewater Treatment Energy Conservation & Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center, MCC Water Treatment Engineering Technology Center, Enterprise Technology Center of Anhui Province, Enterprise Technology Center of Nanjing City, Post Doctor Research Work Station of Anhui Province, Post Graduate Research Work Station of Jiangsu Province. The company is awarded with 162 prizes for science & technology progress at national, provincial/ministerial and municipal level, 277 national and provincial/ministerial prizes for outstanding engineering design. HUATIAN is in possession of over 800 patents and technological know-hows; it is also editor or editor-in-chief of more than 150 national and industrial standards and norms.

 During the 13th Five Year Plan period, guided by its core value “efficiency creates value, innovation propels development, and quality builds up an ever-lasting brand”, HUATIAN will give full play to its advantages in talents in its attempt to become a prestigious worldclass high-tech enterprise with strong profitability, multiple products, and strong development impetus so as to realize the long term target of “growing stronger, better and bigger”.

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